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    Make an Impression

    Building a cause and company's brand impression.
    We're specialized in branding and marketing.
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    Great Expectations

    We help our clients deliver
    the results they need.

who we are

Jordana Holovach is a consultant with a speciality in brand building and strategic marketing. Her 20 years of experience has been focused on organizations with the uphill battle of being relevant amongst a community of larger more recognized groups and missions. She is most known for her success in building her own non-profit, Jacob’s Cure, an organization she founded when her son was born with Canavan disease, a rare neurological

disease that affects nearly 500 children worldwide. Jordana attributes her success to leveraging relationships, creating awareness yielding PR campaigns, partnerships and events, as well as, utilizing key social media tools to expand the presence of Jacob’s Cure worldwide.

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Branding and Visibility

Identify, create and deliver is the three prong approach Jordana executes to brand her clients and make them relevant in the space that matters most to them. By targeting her client’s goals and tailoring their messages, Jordana simultaneously touches on what makes each client unique and identifiable. Creating logos, tag lines, executing events and partnerships that expand the brand is how Jordana increases her clients awareness and identity.


Jordana leverages her long standing relationships across all industries and Capitol Hill to increase her clients presence. By impactful introductions, targeted connections and thoughtful marketing campaigns, Jordana pinpoints and executes tailored strategies that generate an immediate presence with viral longevity.


Results are ultimately what matter to Jordana and her clients. This may include increasing donor/customer base and donations/sales, board membership recruitment, increased visibility and funding on Capitol Hill, local or national press presence, event execution that increases donor/customer base, product launches and in-house programs that encourage volunteerism. Additionally, Jordana develops partnerships that increase visibility while making a connection to the community a client serves or assistance with social media tools and strategies to increase brand awareness.

"Jordana Holovach has been like a breath of fresh air for our organization. Not only has she inspired renewed commitment on the part of many of our board members, but she has also been instrumental in moving us forward with many projects we had only talked about in the past. Our future is brighter because of Jordana's participation."

Bonnie Shyer, President, Pediatric Cancer Foundation

"Jordana was a major savior," said Dr. Leone, who had almost given up her research 10 years ago for lack of financing."

The New York Times

"Jordana's strategic vision combined with her warm, engaging manner and unique ability to connect to the absolute right people across an incredibly diverse range of disciplines is truly transformative. She transcended from consultant to mentor, coach and guide. Without her, there is no way that She's Fit To Lead would have grown into the brand it is today."

Randi Salko, She's Fit to Lead

Press & Impact

In Print

Jordana co-authored the book, Uncommon Challenges; Shared Journeys: Stories of Love, Hope, and Community by Rare Disease Caregivers. "This book strikes straight to the heart of the matter - it's all about the patients and their families. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the power that's driving the orphan drug movement." --Dr. Timothy Cote, Director, Office of Orphan Products Development, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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